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The Wonderful World Of Wood

As we all know, sad times are ahead with the closure of Made by Tree. The number one destination for solid wood blanks and all other woods. This leaves a huge gap in the market with plenty of people trying to fill that vacancy and unfortunately many are not operating at the same standards. It's important that you know what you are purchasing. I had the privilege of spending a week at MBT in September and we filmed several videos. Now most of these will never see the light of day but actually this one is going to be really helpful for many of you. Remember this was a working environment and so there is background noise that would't normally be present in my videos.

This video goes through different wood grades, MDF, Pyro woods and veneers. This will all be really useful when deciding if the wood being sold is actually what it claims to be and if it's suitable for the purpose you require.

Please don't ask us to comment on individual companies or the quality of their wood. When we find a good alternative for solid wood blanks then we will let you all know. As yet, we have not and that should speak volumes.

For those looking for an alternative for Laser Pieces then Olifantjie is a great company that we have used for years alongside MBT.

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