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Rolled Flower Block

You will need

· Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker

· Cricut Premium Blade

· Cricut Design Space Online for PC, IOS App, Android App

· Cricut 12”x12” Green Mat

· Cricut Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set

· White Cardstock

· 12”x12” patterned paper pad

· Wooden Block from Made By Tree

· Florist Wire

Craft Essentials

· Cricut Fabric Brayer

· Quilling Tool

· Strong Glue

· Hot Glue Gun

· Cricut Weeding Tools


Using a laptop/Mac/PC, log in to your Design Space account and make sure you are connected to your Explore or Maker machine. Open the Image Library. Choose the following Images - #M849319D, #MA16C117. Filter to cartridges and search for felt flowers.

Create a square the size of your wood block, for no other reason but as a size template.

Use the contour tool to remove the cut-out images from the jar, making it a solid cut. Unlock the jar to transform the height and width out of proportion. Make the jar a size you are happy with in relation to your block.

Next unlock and resize the image into the jar. Once happy with the size ungroup the image. Change each image layer from a cut to draw. If you want the image to be drawn in different colours you can change each layer to a pen colour. You do not have to physically use the same pen colour but if you want to use different colour pens then each layer must be a different colour.

Once happy you can then remove the background square and attach the jar and drawn image together. The machine will then draw the image and cut out the jar shape.

Finally size up your rolled flowers. I made one 8” in width and one 6” in width and cut them out a few times in different patterned paper. Go to Make it.

Design Space now includes the weight and Gsm of cardstock. Although not using a watercolour cardstock I was using a 300GSM cardstock so I chose this setting. For my patterned paper layers I used the medium cardstock setting. Design Space will prompt you to place the appropriate colour pens in the “A” clamp when prompted. If you are unsure of settings, always conduct a small test cut.

Use your Cricut Brayer to make sure your cardstock is adhered to the mat.

Load the mat into the machine, let the machine cut and then remove your pieces from the mat.

Use a quilling tool to help you roll the flowers. Use some hot glue to glue them into place on the flat base of the flower design

Add a ribbon to the neck of the card jar shape. Use a strong glue such as Art Glitter Glue to glue the jar onto the wooden block. Glue the sides of the top of the jar but leave the top part unglued so you can place florist wire underneath. Use hot glue at the top of the florist wire to glue it in place. It will be hidden when you add the rolled flowers

Use a brush on glue to add the leaves to the rolled flowers and then hot glue in place on the wood block ❤

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