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No Sew Fabric Personalised Onesie

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

You will need

· Cricut Maker / Cricut Air

· Cricut Maker Rotary Blade / Premium blade / Bonded Fabric Blade

· Cricut Easy press 2 9X9

· Cricut Design Space™ online software on pc/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android »

· Hobbycraft Fabric

· Heat N bond Ultra hold

· Onesie

Craft Essentials

· Cricut Fabric Brayer

· Cricut Self-Healing Mat

· Cricut Rotary Cutter – 45mm or 60mm

· Cricut Tweezers

· Cricut Easy Press Mat


Using a laptop/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android device, log in to your Design Space account and make sure you are connected to your Maker. Open the image library. Search for and select the Elephant #M466A5.

Select and insert onto the canvas. Ungroup the Elephant, keep the solid layer and delete the flourish layer.

Open a text box. Choose the Cricut font Varsity. Unhide both layers by unclicking the eye in the layers panel. Delete the cut-out layer and keep the solid layer. Size up both pieces and keep them in different colours so they cut on separate mats.

Click “Make It”. Check you are happy with your mat preview screen and click continue.

Use cotton Fabric from a Hobbycraft Fat quarter bundle. Click on popular materials and choose “medium fabrics – like cotton”

Design Space will prompt you to place the Cricut Maker Rotary Blade into Clamp B if using your Cricut Maker.

If you are using a Air you can choose the "Bonded Fabric" setting and use either a premium fine point blade or the pink bonded fabric blade.

Using the Cricut Self-healing mat and the Rotary Cutter Cut the Heat N Bond into a rectangle or square 1” all the way around larger than your design.

Do this for as many mats as you have with fabric. Do the same with your fabric pieces. If using a patterned fabric, make sure you take the pattern into consideration.

Set up the Easy Press 2 and Easy Press Mat. Place the Fabric right side down onto the mat and then place the heat n bond, rough shiny side face down on top of the fabric. The paper backing will be looking back up at you.

Set the Easy Press 2 9”x9” to 305 Degrees Fahrenheit for 5 seconds. Press the fabric and Heat N Bond together. Allow it to cool. If you wave it around it can be peeled after about 1 minute. Peel back the paper backing to reveal a translucent shiny coating. It is not sticky.

Place the fabric Heat N Bond side down onto the pink fabric mat. Ensure the Rotary Blade is in the Maker.

Once cut use Cricut Tweezers to remove the fabric from the mat.

Once all the pieces are cut heat the Easy Press 2 up to 305 Degrees Fahrenheit for 11 seconds. Pre heat the base material for roughly 5 seconds.

Place the fabric design onto the onesie.

Use the Easy Press 2 to adhere the fabric to the onesie. Let it cool. It should be fully adhered but if not, re press for 11 seconds. This is completely machine washable. Make sure you read the Heat N Bond instructions for washing guidelines ❤

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