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Iron on reverse canvas

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

You will need

· Cricut Maker or Explore Machine

· Cricut Easy press 2 9” X 9”

· Cricut Design Space™ online software on pc/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android »

· Cricut 12”x12” Green Mat

· Cricut Gold Glitter Iron-on Vinyl

· Cricut Black Glitter Iron-on Vinyl

· Hobbycraft Art 16”x16” Stretched Canvas

· Drawing Pins / Staple gun

Craft Essentials

· Cricut Fabric Brayer

· Cricut Heat Protectant Mat

· Cricut True Control Knife

· Cricut Weeding Tool Set

· Cricut Easy Press Mat

· Hot Glue Gun

Optional Extras

· Acrylic Paint


Using a laptop /Mac /iPad /iPhone /Android device, log in to your Design Space account and make sure you are connected to your Maker or Explore machine. Search for and select “Split Monogram” from the image library.

Size up your monogram. I made mine 10x10.3”. Grab a text box and filter Cricut Fonts only. Search for and choose the font – Birthday Bash.

Fit your text to your Monogram. I unlocked mine and made it 9” in width and 1.2” in height.

I had them both in different colours, so they cut on separate mats. You can then go to continue.

Make sure when using Iron On that you mirror each of your Iron on mats.

Go to continue. If using a Explore Machine, make sure your dial is set to custom. Click on Browse all materials. Scroll down to Iron on. I have used Cricut Glitter Iron on for this project.

Make sure when using Iron on you place it shiny side down onto your mat. Use your Cricut Fabric Brayer to ensure its nice and secure on your mat with no uplift areas.

Place the mat into the machine, load and cut. When finished cutting, unload your mat, remove the iron-on, cut away any excess and then using your Cricut weeding tools, start to weed out your design.

Get your Hobbycraft Canvas and your Cricut True Control Knife Blade. Turn your canvas over and Cut around the canvas frame, so that you can remove the canvas material.

Gently remove the canvas material. Turn the frame over to reveal the nice part of the wood.

This can be left plain, painted, stained or varnished. You can remove the leftover canvas strip on the other side if you wish, but it will not be visible.

Heat up your Cricut Easy Press 2 9”x9” to 340 degrees Fahrenheit and adjust the time to 20 seconds. Place your canvas material onto your Easy Press mat and preheat the entire area for about 5 seconds at a time.

Place your Glitter monogram onto the canvas material so that the carrier sheet is facing upwards.

Place the Easy Press 2 onto the black glitter monogram. Apply a medium amount of pressure. Make sure you press the entire design and do it in sections if required. Turn the canvas over and press the back at 340 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds. Turn the canvas back over. Leave to cool for about 15 seconds and then slowly peel back the carrier sheet.

Add your text Layer. Because the bottom layer of Iron on no longer has a carrier sheet you will need to place the Cricut Heat Protectant Sheet or a Teflon sheet between your design and Easy Press.

Press again at 340 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 seconds.

Once pressed, again turn over your canvas and press from the back for 15 seconds. Allow your Iron on to cool for about 15 seconds and then remove the carrier sheet.

Bring your canvas back over to your frame. Place the frame nice side up, on top of your design to get your placement.

Turn the Canvas over and use some Drawing pins to pin the canvas into place. Make sure to keep the Canvas stretched.

You can either just use lots of well-placed drawing pins or you can add small sections of hot glue to keep your canvas secure. Ideally you want to use a staple gun but for some reason they hate me. They really hate me. I can't actually get them to work and if I can they either end up breaking or causing damage that involves yelling and the wet red stuff! If you have more luck with them than I do then a staple gun is the ideal tool in this situation.

Finally use some Scissors to remove the excess canvas❤

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