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Cricut Mug Press Essentials

So having been lucky enough to have played with the mug press we have some top tips for doing basic designs with Infusible Ink Sheets.

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Available from October 1st 2021 at a estimated time of 2am

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  • Always keep the Infusible Ink packaging and silica gel pack. It is imperative you store your Infusible Ink in a dry and sun free Environment and the original packaging is fantastic for this

  • Always cut your sheet down to size before putting it on the mat. The mat can cause your sheet to buckle and wrinkle slightly when removing it so try and avoid putting more on than needed.

  • Ensure your green standard grip mat and premium fine point blade are clean and free from debris. To clean your blade you can use a rolled up ball of tin foil and gently pull your blade in and out a few times. This will remove any fibres from previous materials.

  • Use the Cricut Brayer or a non stick roller and not a scraper to secure your Infusible Ink sheet is secured to the mat

  • Don't forget to make sure you mirrored your design

  • Once cut, turn your mat over to remove your sheet. Do not overland your mat so keep removing from different angles if you have a large design

  • Infusible Ink is not weeded using a weeding tool. You need to crack it and remove the excess. Using a weeding tool will often leave white excess behind and can make the process a lot harder

  • The First time you use your press you will need to connect the usb to your computer and register it as a new machine / heat press in design space. Unless further updates are needed it will not need to be connected to anything else except power

  • Whilst heating the power button will be red but will turn green when it is ready to use

  • You will need to clean your mug. You can do this with either a lint free cloth or a lint roller. If you have spicy anything on your mug or it is dirty you can clean it with alcohol rub and once dry use a lint free cloth

  • Ensure when adding your design you leave at least 0.5" either side of the handle free

  • Whilst your design can fo from the bottom to the top of the mug you do not want excess over the mug. It will brown the backing sheet and makes a awful smell. Cut your backing as close to the top of the mug as possible.

  • Use heat resistant tape to ensure your design is secure and can not move to prevent ghosting

  • You do not need to use butcher or parchment paper with the sheets but if using the pens don't forget you will need at least 4 sheets. More on pens in another post to come

  • Make sure your mug is at the bottom of the press. Do not suspend it in mid air. This could break your press and become a fire hazard

  • Your press will have all its lights turn white once its ready. You can not control the press time or temperature and it will vary but averages between 6 and 8 minutes

  • Whilst the outside of the press remains cool - warm the inside is very hot as is your mug. The handle remains fairly cool however we still recommend heat resistant gloves when removing your item.

  • The base of your mug is super super hot so ensure you put it on a heat resistant surface such as an easy press mat.

  • Please wait full for your mug to cool

  • Once cooled the heat resistant tape can be difficult to remove, be patient and take your time, avoid using something sharp like a weeding tool or true control knife unless absolutely necessary as this can damage your mug

  • Your mug is now cooled, your design is beautiful and your mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Don't forget if you are an access member you will receive 10% off and if you add the code CRIFTY you will receive an extra 10%off and free shipping over £50. Pluggage excluded.

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