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Cricut Chipboard Easter Wreath

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

You will need

· Cricut Maker

· Cricut Maker Knife Blade

· Cricut Design Space Online for PC

· Cricut 12”x12” Purple Heavy Grip Mat

· Cricut Heavy Chipboard

· Cricut Pearl Paper Sampler Pack

· Cricut Vellum Sampler Pack

· Cricut Foil Acetate Sampler Pack

· Cricut 12”x12” Green Mat

· Cricut 12”x12” Blue Light Grip Mat

· Masking Tape

· Copper Battery Operated Fairy Lights

· Cricut Transfer Tape

Craft Essentials

· Cricut Fabric Brayer

· Hot Glue Gun

· Strong Glue

· Acrylic paint or Spray Paint

· Cricut Weeding Tools


Using a laptop/Mac/PC, log in to your Design Space account and make sure you are connected to your Maker machine. Open the shapes tab and choose a circle. Duplicate it so you have 4 circles. Make one of the circles 9”x9”, then the next circle 7”x7”, continue to the third circle and make it 1”x1” and finally make the last circle 0.75”x0.75”. These will be cut from Cricut Heavy Chipboard, using the Cricut Maker Knife Blade.

Place the two larger circles inside of each other. Select both and go to align and centre, then group them together. Repeat the process with the two smaller circles.

Bring the two smaller circles over to the two larger circles. Place on top of the larger circle. Go to align and Centre Horizontally. Ungroup both sets of circles and hide each of the inner circles by clicking the corresponding “eyes” in the layers panel.

Weld both Circles together so they become one complete piece.

Bring back one of the middle circles, select all and click slice, delete the sliced pieces and then repeat for the other middle insert.

Duplicate so you have 3 wreath shapes and then contour the middle circle from one of them. This will be the back of the wreath and the two outline pieces will be the front of the wreath.

On the back solid piece, create a rectangle and slice it from the wreath to create a door for the light’s battery.

Insert two more circles. Make them both 8”x8”. One of these will be cut from Cricut Foil Acetate and one from Cricut Vellum using the Cricut Premium Blade.

To decorate the Wreath, use some vinyl lettering and create pearl paper flowers.

Open the Image Library and search for Easter. Choose #M9FFC85C. Use your wreath pieces to size up your vinyl image and choose how many different colour layers you would like.

Go back into the Image Library and filter to cartridges. Search for 3D Floral Home Decor.

Choose the flowers you would like to use.

I made all of mine 8” in width and kept the lock on so Design Space automatically keeps them in proportion. I then duplicated each set of flowers and organised my colour layers.

Once you are happy with everything go to “make it”. Make sure you are happy with your layers. If you find it is all too confusing with the number of layers, then do it in sections.

Hide everything but the chipboard pieces, once they are cut then hide them and bring the vellum and foil acetate layer back and so on. As you are using all Cricut Products just use the corresponding cut settings and the machine will tell you exactly what Blades you will need. The Chipboard cut time for all three layers is a total time of 30 minutes.

When using Chipboard or wood please ensure that you move the Machine Rollers all the way across to the right-hand side of the roller bar. This will stop them from making an indent in the material. Also ensure that you use Masking Tape to secure the chipboard to the Purple Heavy Grip Mat. This is just an extra measure to stop it from moving. Sometimes the Cut will be completed in less passes than anticipated so please do not leave the machine unattended when using the Knife Blade.

Once all the chipboard pieces are cut out paint one of the sliced wreath layers in your desired colour. Make sure you lightly sand the chipboard before painting.

Continue to cut out your Cricut Pearl Paper flowers, Cricut Foil Acetate, Cricut Vellum and Cricut Vinyl.

Weed out the Cricut Vinyl using your Cricut Weeding tools and use a strong glue to construct your flowers.

Use Cricut Transfer tape to transfer the vinyl onto the foil acetate.

Use a strong glue to glue the back wreath piece and the unpainted slice piece together. Art glitter glue works very well. Add some heavy books on top during the bonding process. Use a hot glue gun to add fairy lights. Hot glue the battery pack onto the back of the wreath.

Glue the vellum ontop and then the foil acetate. Finally using the same strong glue add the painted top wreath and leave to dry under some heavy books.

Use hot glue to add the Cricut Pearl Paper flowers to the wreath and then add a pastel ribbon. ❤

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