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Personalised Balloons

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

You will need

· Cricut Explore series or Cricut Maker

· Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade

· Cricut Design Space™ online software on pc/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android »

· Cricut 12” x 12” Green Mat

· Cricut Holographic Vinyl Sampler Pack

· Cricut Transfer Tape

· Cricut Fabric Brayer

· HobbyCraft Balloons


Using a laptop/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android device, log in to your Design Space account and make sure you are connected to your Cricut Air or Cricut Maker machine.

Search the Image Library for the word Baby. #M8B65DEA and #M84887FA . Insert the image onto the canvas.

Make the Images 6” in width. This is normally the best size for a blown balloon. However if the balloon looks rather small or large use a measuring tape to determine a good width for the image.

Open the layers panel and click the arrow next to the image. Make both images the same colour so they cut on the same mat. Do not attach or weld them together as you want to be able to manually move them on the mat depending on the size of them.

Select Make Project and continue to the preview mat. Adjust the images on the mat so they create less waste. Continue to the cut screen, click “Browse all materials”, scroll down to vinyl and choose “Premium Holographic Vinyl”.

Place the Holographic Vinyl onto a green standard grip mat and use the Cricut Fabric Brayer to secure it in place. Using the Fabric Brayer will stop the vinyl surface from getting scratched.

Insert the mat into your Cricut machine and start cutting. Once the cut is complete, remove the mat from your machine. Use the Cricut True control knife to cut away any unused vinyl that you can salvage for further use. Whilst the design in still on the mat use a Cricut Weeding Tool remove the vinyl and reveal the cut design.

Turn the mat over and without overbending remove the mat from the vinyl. Be careful not to overbend the mat, the easiest way is to roll and remove in small sections. I use this method for most materials but especially for anything that can tear or curl.

Cut the two designs so they become seperate images. One to go on one balloon and the other for a 2nd balloon.

Using Cricut Transfer Tape, transfer one of the images by placing the transfer tape over the vinyl, using the fabric brayer to roll the front, then the back, then peel back the vinyl backing to reveal the transferred image.

Place the transfer onto balloon. Smooth the middle of image first and then place one side down then the other. The transfer tape will bunch, this is fine, only smooth down the image area with your fingers and ensure it is flush against the balloon.

*Do not use the curved surface cutting technique. You want to be able to reuse the transfer tape and this can be done without the use of that technique*.

Again only smooth the vinyl image with your fingers and then gently start peeling back the transfer tape. Leaving the design on the balloon.

Smooth out any kinks using your fingers. Repeat the process with the second image. You can continue to use the same piece of transfer tape until it loses its adhesive qualities.

Please note that all balloons have a different life span, the vinyl can react with not only the balloon but the air or helium inside of the balloon. You may also find that some vinyls are to heavy for different balloons. I have found that self blown balloons last longer with vinyl but if you are going to use helium filled balloons you want to leave this process as late as you can. ❤

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