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UK Cricut Creators is a UK based Facebook group but all are welcome to join us.

The group was started not long after Crifty Crafty and is run by myself and my partner in crime - Laura from This Crafty Cookie.

We are both super passionate about our community and making sure users get the most from not just their machines but from materials as well.

We are both dedicated to our members and our motto is "No crafter gets left behind". 


Every month we offer an average of 6 free to attend virtual events. 

These range from beginners topics all the way through to 3D builds.  They are fully interactive and can last anywhere between 2 and 4 hours although we have done a few all day events!  We publish these a month in advance in the group with a full list of materials needed for each event. 

We do try to make sure that most require materials that the majority of crafters should have but we also love to try new crafts such as resin and screen printing.  We offer a mixture of day, evening and weekend events.

They are so much fun and many friendships have been made.

Both myself and Laura are Crciut appointed experts for the UK and we work closely with Cricut and other companies to bring members the best experiences possible.  We hold monthly giveaways and we have group exclusives and discount codes.

We also have a collection of exclusive group enamel pins and we give these to group members every month for various achievements.

We are very lucky to have built up a group full of so much passion and talent.  Be you a new user or someone who considers themeselves well versed in all things Cricut you will find the group so useful.  We have so many members who go out of their way to help others and the passion shines through every day.  It really is a wonderful group and this is down to every single member who takes the time to immerse themselves in our fantastic community.  

We are always willing to help so please do come and join us.  You can also find us both on Instagram where we often share our crafting adventures.

Always remember that we all started the same way, with a machine in a box.  No question is silly and we all have to start somewhere.  We all mistakes and we all have days where nothing goes right.  No one creates perfect projects from the get go and even with years of experience between the two of us we still have days it all goes wrong and we do not know everything.  We learn all the time and we have learnt from members just as they have learnt from us.  Everyone has something to bring to the community and no one is better than anyone else.  Its good to share our methods and experiences because not only will we help others but we also learn from others to.

Come and Join us.

We can't wait to meet you and craft with you at one of our events!

All our Love & Craftiness

Jen and Laura

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