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About Me:


Hi My Lovelies,

Yes it is a legal requirement for me to utter those words!

Firstly let me begin by saying you may think the chosen photo is awful.  I agree, the double chin is not a good look!  The truth is, no photo of me is a good one.  No matter how hard I try there is no decent photo of me above the age of 10.  Wonky eyes, crooked smile, something in my teeth, smudged lipstick, the list is endless.  So try not to focus to much on the mess at the forefront but that handsome ball of fluff next to me!

I am not naturally crafty. Well I must be, but it was deeply hidden.  So much so I actually got kicked out of GCSE textiles.  I was sent to the library at the start of every lesson because me being in the classroom was sucking the talent from other students.  The teachers words, gosh I wish I could wave Crifty Crafty in her face.  It took me until my late 20's to actually discover my hidden craft goddess.  Her emergence was without a doubt one of my life defining moments.

I am a Cricut obsessive.  I love my machines and there are very few Cricut products that I do not love.  Crifty Crafty is half way through it's second year and has surpassed all expectations.  I love being able to interact with community members through social media and the Facebook group I co - run UK Cricut Creators.

I am always trying out other brands of vinyl, iron on and other materials to be able to bring you the best products to use with your machines. 

There's a whole lot more to your Cricut machine than just cardstock, vinyl and iron on though and I love creating mixed media projects as well as experimenting and pushing the boundaries of my machines. 

You will often see me joined by my trusty assistant Sir Bisley who's favourite past time is chewing on vinyl and iron on!  He can be counted on every Christmas to go on a smashing spree of newly decorated baubles and when cold loves to sit upon my largest Easypress!

I often hold Giveaways and weekly lives over on my Facebook page so be sure to like the page and it goes without saying to make sure you are subscribed to my You Tube Channel.

Happy reading you gorgeous lot

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